Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Claire!

I know I am a few weeks late with this entry. We celebrated Claire's birthday on two separate days. The first day, Saturday, July 25th, Grandma and Grandpa Randolph came to visit us and brought an adorable and delicious Minnie Mouse cake for Claire. We took the kids to get their pictures taken at JCPenney--which has been increasingly more difficult to do since they do not to sit still longer than a couple seconds. Needless to say, the photographer wasn't able to get very many shots--but there were a couple good ones that we were able to order. Then, it was off to Big Boy for lunch and a visit to COSI. COSI was extremely crowded--it was Saturday and rainy--which probably explained why so many people were there. After we got home, we had picnic style food and we enjoyed the yummy cake.

On Claire's actual b-day, July 30th, we headed to the Ohio State Fair. While the skies were overcast, it was the perfect day to go, as the crowds were fairly light and it wasn't too miserably hot. The kids enjoyed seeing all the farm animals (and talking to them too!), a few rides, including Monkey Mayhem and the Merry Go Round and eating ice cream. The unfortunate thing about the fair is how expensive the food is! $7.00 for a large turkey leg? $4.00 for a small drink? Crazy! We had only planned on being at the fair for a couple hours, but ended up spending the entire afternoon there. While I admit I am a bonifide suburban gal, going to the fair with the kids is a lot of fun. After the fair, Claire got her nap in and we went to Red Robin for dinner. While there, she got a visit from Red Robin himself and a special song from the waiting crew (plus a hot fudge sundae!). We then came home to open a few gifts and enjoy cupcakes that I bought at the Pink Moon bakery. The kids had a lot of sugar that day!

Happy Birthday Miss P!


Julie said...

How'd she get the nickname "Miss P"?

Jennifer Randolph said...

Hi Julie--when Claire was a baby, we called her "Sweet Pea" and the kids watch Super Why and there is a characted named Princess P--it is a combination of the two I guess. I have no idea when it happened, but I just starting calling her "Miss P" one day--and it has kind of stuck.