Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Proud - Drew's First Day of Kindergarten

In the five years that Aaron and I have been parents, we never have had one of those, "well, I guess we must be doing something right!" moments. I think like most parents, we never feel that we are doing as well as we could in being good parents to our children. But, Thursday morning was one of those moments. Drew did incredible on his first day of kindergarten! I kind of expected him to be just fine--he is just one of those kids who adjusts easily to new situations and meeting new people. I feel very lucky for that as I would have been a nervous wreck all day if he would have been upset when we left him. We started the day well--he got up at 7:30 a.m., ate breakfast (I made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls as a treat for the first day), got dressed (I laid out his clothes for the day, so we would not be scrambling to find his shoes or something else that was missplaced by one of the kids) and he was ready with his backpack by 8:15 a.m. We took a bunch of pictures and we waited eagerly for the school bus to arrive at 8:30 a.m. He got on the bus with the other kids and sat in his seat--there is a photo above of his facial expression as he realizes that he is riding the bus for the first time--it is a look of awe and slight nervousness--this is an expression that I have never seen on his face and it cracks me up! We met him at school when the bus arrived. He looked like he was already a pro at riding the bus! We took a few more pictures before he sat down in his new classroom. I think I was more nervous than he was. Luckily and a smart move on his new teacher's part, she had paper, crayons and scissors sitting on the tables and Drew (the little artist he is) just sat down and starting on his project. When the little boy next to him (who lives on our cul-de-sac) got upset when another kid took his seat next to Drew (and who was crying because he was so nervous about his parents leaving him)--Drew moved to another table so that they could both sit together. We said good-bye to Drew and he was just like, "okay, see you later Mommy and Daddy!" After that, some of the parents (and Claire--who would have stayed at school with the other kids if she would have been allowed to do so) met in the library for donuts and orange juice. Afterwards, Aaron (who took the day off from work), Claire and I went to First Watch for a celebratory brunch. When we got home, the house just seemed so quiet. In the prior days, I had been wishing for this day, as Drew was getting anxious and also a little naughty too, but with him gone, it just seemed really odd. While it will take a little time to get used to, I know I will get used to it and it will also give me a little one on one time with Claire--who is not used to receiving all of the attention. Drew's school schedule is odd--he is there all day on Tuesday and Thursday and then all day every other Friday. I wish that they had a more routine schedule--as he does better with being more consistent. But, we will learn to adjust. When he got home, he said the best part of his day was lunch (spoken like a true Mommy's boy!) It will be interesting to see what the year brings!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Claire!

I know I am a few weeks late with this entry. We celebrated Claire's birthday on two separate days. The first day, Saturday, July 25th, Grandma and Grandpa Randolph came to visit us and brought an adorable and delicious Minnie Mouse cake for Claire. We took the kids to get their pictures taken at JCPenney--which has been increasingly more difficult to do since they do not to sit still longer than a couple seconds. Needless to say, the photographer wasn't able to get very many shots--but there were a couple good ones that we were able to order. Then, it was off to Big Boy for lunch and a visit to COSI. COSI was extremely crowded--it was Saturday and rainy--which probably explained why so many people were there. After we got home, we had picnic style food and we enjoyed the yummy cake.

On Claire's actual b-day, July 30th, we headed to the Ohio State Fair. While the skies were overcast, it was the perfect day to go, as the crowds were fairly light and it wasn't too miserably hot. The kids enjoyed seeing all the farm animals (and talking to them too!), a few rides, including Monkey Mayhem and the Merry Go Round and eating ice cream. The unfortunate thing about the fair is how expensive the food is! $7.00 for a large turkey leg? $4.00 for a small drink? Crazy! We had only planned on being at the fair for a couple hours, but ended up spending the entire afternoon there. While I admit I am a bonifide suburban gal, going to the fair with the kids is a lot of fun. After the fair, Claire got her nap in and we went to Red Robin for dinner. While there, she got a visit from Red Robin himself and a special song from the waiting crew (plus a hot fudge sundae!). We then came home to open a few gifts and enjoy cupcakes that I bought at the Pink Moon bakery. The kids had a lot of sugar that day!

Happy Birthday Miss P!