Thursday, May 28, 2009

Return to Niagara - Kilpatrick Manor

For our second visit to Niagara Falls, we decided to stay at a bed and breakfast--it was more economical (than staying at a hotel near the falls), comfortable and we got an amazing breakfast each morning. The owners, Kevin and Nance Kilpatrick could not have been nicer. They are about the same age as we are--they have two little ones and live across the street from their bed and breakfast. They were also able to offer more information about the area--like which wineries to visit, what restaurants to eat at, etc. The house is rich with history--it was built by the Niagara Falls Parks Commissioner in the late 1800's. The Kilpatrick's have tried to maintain the original beauty of the house, but have kept their renovation work very modern and comfortable. The room we stayed in was called the "Hunniford" (each room is named for one of their relatives). The house itself it in an area going through changes--it was out of the touristy areas, but only five to ten minute car ride to the falls. We enjoyed our visit there and would definitely return (although we agreed the next time we visit the area, we will bring the kids with us).

Monday, May 18, 2009


I know it has been some time, so here is a quick update on our family.

Drew registered for kindergarten on April 29th. He went through a series of tests--hearing, speech, letter and number recognition, vision, etc. at the school. He had no problems leaving me (it was kind of like, see you later mom!) for the tests and is now extremely excited to begin his new adventures in kindergarten in August. His last day of preschool was last week and I admit I cried when we said goodbye to his teachers. He has come such a long way this year and he had such a great time. He recently had his first solo playdate with his preschool pal, Sam. They are such good buddies that I hope they will remain friends--despite the fact they will be in different elementary schools next year.

Claire is growing so quickly and becoming a playmate to her big brother. She loves to say "Goodnight Drew!" and she thinks Drew is one funny kid. She is learning new words each day. Eyebrows (weird, but she likes to point to them), nose, ears, Calliou, George (for Curious George) are just a few examples of the words she recently learned. She also loves to dance in circles to music and runs like the wind! She just wants to go, go, go! And she is starting to sing--most of which we cannot understand, but we think it is singing! She also is obsessed with wearing her shoes--she wants to have them on all the time--even when she sleeps! Every time she thinks she is going somewhere--she hands us the shoes or she starts putting them on herself. I wonder if this the beginning of a lifelong love of shoes!

Amy and I walked once again in the Race for the Cure on Saturday (this the fifth time we have walked together in it). It is always an uplifting event to participate in. This year, they remembered our local news anchor, Heather Pick, who passed away of breast cancer in November, by wearing bright pink wigs and wearing t-shirts with her picture on the front. In her last appearance on the news, she wore the same wig. It was certainly moving and a fine tribute to a remarkable and brave woman. There is nothing quite like the sight of 44,000 people walking or running in such an event. Amy--same time, same place next year? :)

Aaron and I are looking forward to a much needed four day mini vacation to Niagara Falls, Ontario at the end of this week. Aaron's mom will be watching the kids. Our vacations together are so important to us as a couple. We have been planning our itinerary and look forward to posting pictures of our visit.

The finale of American Idol is this week. Aaron and I both think Adam is going to win it by a mile. Kris kicked it up with his rendition of "Heartless" last week. Honestly, does it really matter who wins at this point? They are all up for record contracts and if they play their cards right, they could be big.

Blooms and Butterflies.

As I had my first Tastefully Simple open house yesterday, Aaron decided to take the kids to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see their annual Blooms and Butterflies exhibit. Since learning about butterflies in preschool, Drew has been very interested in learning more about them. The kids had a terrific time and as expected, Drew loved the butterflies. It was also a great opportunity to test out our new camera--the Canon PowerShot SX110 IS. It is still a point and shot camera, but it is a significant improvement over our old digital camera that was three years old. Aaron took amazing shots of the butterflies--something that we could have never captured on our old camera.